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3 best websites for finding temporary housing

Moving boxes

Whether you’re in between apartments or need to find a place to live quickly, there are many temporary housing options available to you. These are usually rooms in homes rented out by owners. Sometimes you can find a whole house for rent, or someone who is subleasing their apartment. Here are the best websites to find temporary housing.

1. Craigslist

Craigslist housing

Craigslist has a section devoted to housing where you can find the exact type of situation you need, from standard apartment leasing to house swaps, rooms for rent, and more. The ads are usually posted by the person renting, for the most part. It’s a very popular site, so there are lots of new posts every day. When you find something that fits your needs, you can reach out to the person who made the post by phone or email and set up a time to see the place. Craigslist is free to use, which makes it a great option.

 2. Roomster


Roomster is specifically dedicated to rooms for rent, but you can also look for an entire house, a room mate, or a tenant on their site. Be careful with this one, though. You can browse their listings for free, but you have to pay to actually communicate with the people listing posts, a minimum of $5. If you forget to cancel your subscription, they will automatically charge you $45.95 to renew your subscription.

3. AirbnbAirbnb

If you’re looking to rent a whole house, try Airbnb. The prices are more expensive, comparable to renting a hotel. It’s a nice alternative if you’re taking a trip and want to be able to enjoy the comforts of being a house.

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