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Wealth Intersection: Real Estate and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency seem to be making headlines daily, especially since late 2017 when Bitcoin went on an impressive run, reaching all time highs of about $20,000. While most people might have been familiar with the term “Bitcoin”, most know very little about it and the wider cryptocurrency market. I’ve been fortunate to have a cousin who introduced me to Bitcoin a few years ago, and though I never invested, I was at least familiar with it and had a Coinbase account.

For me, the decision to not invest in Bitcoin came down to one main concern: at hundreds of dollars per coin, I saw the price as too high for me to really benefit. Boy, was I wrong. Bitcoin went from about $700 at the end of 2016 to $20,000 at the end of 2017. Who would have known!

I did, however, invest in another cryptocurrency that launched in November 2017, another tip from my cousin. It’s called Electroneum and after researching, it seemed pretty promising. Also, during the initial coin offering, coins were just $0.01 with early purchase bonuses of up to 50%. The price of the coin and the prospect of the project were both a win to me. I decided to invest, and with that I started my dreams of being a crypto millionaire. It might seem crazy, but it’s a real thing. So I’m doing research and making small investments here and there into different coins.

Still, the world of cryptocurrency is highly volatile, so I decided that if I did make big money with my investments, I would diversify into real estate. If I make enough, I’ll even consider early retirement and become a full-time investor in both real estate and in cryptocurrency. That’s my dream, and I’m sticking to it! Until then, I’ll be at my day job making money to maintain my current lifestyle and fuel my dreams of the future.

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